What is OmeegO?

OmeegO is an iOS and Android app that allows users to play a trivia game using the users' facebook-nostalgia. The app uses certain data points (who, what, where, when) from Facebook and develops various questions based on the obtained information; all while utilizing the popular swipe functionality to answer questions quickly and seamlessly. Once a friend downloads the app, users can play the game with their friend’s content. This allows for a “who knows me better” type contest among friends.

Our Team

We are Red Eagle Jet LLC, the makers of OmeegO.
Andrew Schwartz, Esq.
Andrew graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Finance and a minor in Entrepreneurial Engineering. After college, Andrew graduated Cum Laude, from Hofstra Law with a Business Honor distinction. A serial entrepreneur, he has been building websites and games for several years.
Greg Galipeau
Greg is a technology junkie, coffee enthusiast and entrepreneur. Forming his technology chops in the ever changing consulting world, he finally decided to form companies and build products for the greater good. Greg has been building websites, applications and games for over 15 years.


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